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Dodd-Frank’s Impact on Data and Reporting

Source: Financial Executives International TV

Ernst & Young LLP
Bob Reinhold

Runtime: 6:24

Key Takeaways:

  1. The reporting requirements of the Dodd-Frank Act can introduce a significant data governance and data quality challenge for large organizations.
  2. The role of the Office of Financial Research is potentially broad; its initial focus will be on enabling system wide information gathering and correlation by establishing standard legal entity identifiers (LEIs).
  3. Understanding what data you have, where it resides, where it is sourced from and who is responsible for it is critical to enhancing data governance.
  4. A Data Impact Assessment can help organizations better understand Dodd-Frank's impact on data and reporting.
  5. Simplifying the enterprise architecture can significantly reduce the amount of downstream effort and manual reconciliation required to produce high quality data.
  6. For more information on The Dodd-Frank Act, please visit www.ey.com.

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